Rene Pere –



Food Education and Food for Life classes through the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine



     “I signed up for a nutrition class because I wanted to understand better how I was eating. I found a lot of new material…..It has been a great experience. Exceeded my expectations.”

     “Exceeded my personal expectations. I knew whole food plant based was the way to go but did not fully understand the science behind it. By learning the why’s and how’s behind whole food plant based, I can make better choices and immediately see the effects on my overall health and well being.”

     “Yes! So much to learn. And you present the information in a very understanding and relatable way. You show no judgement and create a very safe environment. Thank you.”

     “I honestly thought that I would attend this class and probably end up keeping my same food behavior but I was wrong. This class was fun, informative, and it kept me interested. Rene did such an awesome job. I look forward to attending more classes. My life has changed for the better. Thank you for making such an impact on my life Rene!”

      “Thank you for sharing your time and passion with all of us. The 3 hour round trip drive was no sacrifice for the life saving tools I received. Thank you for helping me get in touch with a primary care physician and a dietician!!! Life saver, you are.”


*Check back frequently for updates and future class offerings.